Getting started with Ethical Hacking

19 February 2024

Hacks, data breaches, ransomware... you keep hearing about it in the news. To effectively protect your business and/or software, you need to know where the vulnerabilities are. And what better way to find out than by attempting to hack yourself?

In this session, we will explore how hackers operate and which tools you can use to hack (your own) applications. Additionally, we will examine the most common types of vulnerabilities, how to practice exploiting them, and what measures can be taken to prevent them.

Checking the security of your software is an ongoing process. Therefore, we will also explore options for integrating ethical hacking tools into pipelines to repeatedly assess your application for vulnerabilities.

Last but not least, I'll share tips on keeping your colleagues sharp by applying Social Engineering.

Christian Peeters

Christian started in 2000 as a software developer. Seven years later he became a Microsoft Certified Trainer and has been teaching other developers ever since. Currently he is a developer and Team Lead at Senet, a Eindhoven based company that creates and maintains software for a variety of customers and he is aCertified Ethical Hacker.


The host of the night is ICT Group!

Prof.Dr. Dorgelolaan 30
5613 AM Eindhoven
3rd Floor!

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