Level up with GitHub Copilot and GitHub Codespaces

12 October 2023

Level up with GitHub Codespaces and GitHub Copilot

Engineering teams are in demand, but we also know that there's a shortage of talent. How can you make your teams more productive and increase efficiency? Hear how we can enable our teams to do more by focusing on the developer experience.

Join April as we explore the friction that exists in developer onboarding, working with new codebases and how GitHub as a platform can help, using a toolset that includes GitHub Codespaces and GitHub Copilot.

April Edwards

April Edwards

April is a senior developer advocate and DevOps practice lead at GitHub, specializing in application transformation and DevOps ways of working. Her focus is to take customers of a journey from legacy technology, to serverless and containers, where code comes first, while enabling them to take full advantage of DevOps practices.

In April's spare time she spends time outdoors hiking, skiing or scuba diving. She is also a triathlete competing in Ironman and Half Ironman triathlons.

April is often asked to present at events to showcase the latest GitHub and Microsoft technologies and also to present live demos that are industry specific and applicable to real life use cases.


The host of the evening is IJK.

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The address: Theater De Brink, Brainport human campus, Vlamovenweg 4, 5708 HZ Helmond.

For more information, see the map on the website of Brainport Human Campus: Plattegrond Brainport Human Campus


Please take into account that the schedule is slightly different from previous events.

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