Implementing Bicep: The struggles beyond the examples

12 September 2023

Implementing Bicep: The struggles beyond the examples

Discover the practical power of Bicep, the tool that simplifies Azure Resource Manager Templates. From experience I understand the initial hurdles you might face with ARM Templates, from the syntax to integration challenges.

Bicep retains ARM Templates' strength while smoothing out the rough edges. Yet, real-world implementations of Bicep are often more intricate than the typical examples found online. I’ll share our journey at Virtual Vaults of seamlessly incorporating Bicep into our existing architecture with minimal disruptions.

In this session, I'll explore Bicep's relationship with Azure Resource Manager Templates and Azure Resource Manager itself. Gain insights from our team's implementation experiences, including the hurdles we overcame and the lessons we learned.

By the end of our session, you'll grasp what Bicep brings to the table and why it's a solid choice for leveraging Infrastructure as Code in the Azure Cloud.

Erwin van den Bogaard

Erwin van den Bogaard

Erwin is a full-stack developer from the Netherlands working at Virtual Vaults who enjoys working with infrastructure as code and C#. Occasionally, he shares his insights through blog posts on these topics. In his free time, he likes to code personal projects, play video games, and gather with friends to enjoy tabletop RPG games.


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