We are .NET Zuid, a user group for and by software professionals who work with Microsoft technology.

.NET Zuid has two goals:

We are very passionate about technology and everything that is needed to create awesome software! We like to share this passion by organizing knowledge sessions for new and not so new technologies, with a strong focus on Microsoft.

We distinguish ourselves from other user groups by not only addressing technology, but also handling soft-skills. We believe that the current software professional has to be a progressive technician, but also needs the right set of soft-skills to be successful.

We do all of this in the South of the Netherlands. This is because we would like to organize meetings that our Southern Software Heroes don't have to travel too far for.

It is also because we think there are some awesome companies in the South of the Netherlands that do awesome stuff with software but aren't too well known within the community of software professionals. That's why we enable these companies to showcase themselves during these meetings, in a friendly atmosphere.

Of course, all our activities are FREE for participants!

We are a foundation. Our board members are:

Do you want to keep up with the latest technology, improve your softskills and meet fellow technology lovers in a relaxed setting? Become part of .NET Zuid. The starting point for .NET users in the South!

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