A.I. on the Microsoft stack / Static Web Apps: hit the ground running!

3 May 2022


Tuesday May 3rd 2022.

A.I. on the Microsoft stack by Henk Boelman

The need to jump on the AI track is more relevant than ever. With the commodity of hardware and the computing power of the Azure Cloud, Artificial Intelligence is at our fingertips and waiting to be implemented in new innovative solutions.

In this session we do a deep dive into the A.I. stack that Microsoft has to offer. We start with pre-trained Cognitive services like Computer Vision, Anomaly Detection and Speaker recognition. And move on to the more advanced tooling like Machine Learning Studio and Azure Machine Learning Services.

At the end of this session you have a good grasp of the technological building blocks that make AI happen. Just waiting to be used in your own projects afterwards.

The AI revolution is coming and you can be part of it!

About Henk Boelman

Henk Boelman

Henk is a Senior Cloud Advcate at Microsoft specializing in Artificial intelligence and Azure with a background in application development. He is currently part of the AI cloud advocate team and based in the Netherlands. Before joining Microsoft, he was a Microsoft AI MVP and worked as a software developer and architect building lots of AI powered platforms on Azure.

He loves to share his knowledge about topics such as DevOps, Azure and Artificial Intelligence by providing training courses and he is a regular speaker at user groups and international conferences.

Azure Static Web Apps: Hit the ground running!

Azure Static Web Apps is a service that automatically builds and deploys full stack web apps to Azure from a GitHub repository. But how do they work? Or, a better question, how do we make them work for us?

After joining this session you'll have enough knowledge to go and create your own Static Web App, including authentication and authorization!

About Rick van den Bosch

Rick is a Principal Cloud Architect at Betabit. He has been working with Microsoft Azure since it was introduced. He has performed numerous Azure projects and has drafted cloud migration advises and migration strategies for customers. He also designs system architectures, coaches developers and optimizes the software development process to realize important and complex systems together with the customer. Rick is a regular speaker at different types of events.


The host of the night is Driessen Groep! Please take into account this is an in-person event.

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The address: Theater De Brink, Brainport human campus, Vlamovenweg 4, 5708 HZ Helmond.

For more information, see the map on the website of Brainport Human Campus: Plattegrond Brainport Human Campus


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