What’s new in C# 10

3 November 2021


Wednesday 3rd of November 2021

What’s new in C# 10 by Fons Sonnemans

In this session you will learn about the new features of C# 10 which will be part of Visual Studio 2022 and the .NET 6 release later this month. We will focus on the most important features because there's just too much to tell in the limited time of this session.

So: if you're a C# developer and you want to know what cool features you can start using soon, come join this session! Your code will look and perform better!!

About Fons Sonnemans

Fons Sonnemans

Fons Sonnemans is a well-known speaker at conferences and seminars and also a Microsoft MVP. He is known for his up-to-date and expert knowledge of the latest Microsoft technologies. He has been using Microsoft .NET technology intensively since 2001, because it allows him to apply his knowledge and experience to business critical situations. As a trainer, speaker, coach and developer at Reflection IT, he likes to share this knowledge and experience on a daily basis. Fons Sonnemans also has a passion for developing Windows apps. He has created numerous apps, some of which are very successful.


The host of the night is Sioux Technologies! Please take into account this is an in-person event.
Sioux Technologies

The address: Esp 405, 5633 AJ, Eindhoven.


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