CANCELED: Serverless from the trenches of the web by Burke Holland

9 March 2020



Canceled: Serverless from the trenches of the web

Outside of micro-services, far away from event triggers and message queues, a growing contingent of web developers are on a mission: to make the web serverless.

But I'm a skeptic. I wasn't even sure what "Serverless" actually means or whether or not any of this is even a good idea. But I also know that once the web adopts something, the rest is history. So I did what developers do when they want answers. I built something.

Join me as we dive into an application that I’ve been building over the past few months to test out this hypothesis: is serverless really a good idea for web applications? These are the hard lessons I learned from the trenches building a Serverless Web Application.

About Burke Holland

Burke Holland

Bald guy. Formerly Telerik now Microsoft. A big fan of sarcasm and JavaScript. That was sarcasm. Host of Five Things and Co-creator of

Burke is a Principal Developer Advocate at Microsoft.


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