A lap around Xamarin.Forms Shell

19 September 2019


Thurday 19th of September 2019.

What? - A lap around Xamarin.Forms Shell

Want to start with cross platform mobile development? Let’s give an overview of what Xamarin Forms has to offer today.

There is a new, fast and easy way to craft out your Xamarin forms apps; Shell provides an out-of-the-box infrastructure to deliver the features of all existing pages, simplified navigation, and additional layers of customization.

Together with Visual you will be able to design the same look and feel on iOS as on Android.

On top of that we will go over the highlights of Xamarin Essentials, this library contains most of the common features you potentially need to use when creating advanced applications. It contains things like GPS, maps, file storage and much more.

Who? - Glenn Versweyveld

Glen Versweyveld

Glenn Versweyveld, Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies, is a developer with interest in everything surrounding Microsoft and .NET in particular, currently working as a Xamarin mobile software engineer at Bank J. Van Breda & C°.

Still loves Windows Phone, but don’t judge him for it 🙂


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