Building GraphQL APIs with .NET Core

27 June 2019

Thursday 27th of June, 2019

What? - Building GraphQL APIs with .NET Core

The GraphQL specification has enormous potential to improve developer productivity as well as developer happiness. By providing a standardized way to access data it is easier than ever to build a consistent and predictable API interface. All of this is possible while simultaneously providing an amount of freedom to clients not easily possible otherwise. From a developer perspective this will enable client applications to interact with the API in a very clean and concise way.

This session consists of three parts. First you will be given a brief introduction about the GraphQL specification itself, continued by a deep dive into code where we'll cover all the important bits which make up a basic GraphQL API. We finish the evening by covering some best-practices you would want to know about before you start off.

Who? - Corstian Boerman

Corstian Boerman

Corstian started working as a software developer right after finishing high school. Since then he has been busy writing data processing and analysis tools for the agricultural and aviation industries. Part of his job involves doing research, which fuels his further development activities. Every so often he publishes posts on his blog over at


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