Demystifying edge computing; the new IoT paradigm

15 May 2019

Wednesday 15th of May, 2019

What? - Demystifying edge computing; the new IoT paradigm

Bringing cloud intelligence to the edge allows acting immediately on real-time data, whether this comes from a drone recognizing a crack in a gas pipe or predicting equipment failure before it happens. Edge computing is evolving to become the next-gen cloud computing and the rise of machine learning and containers have been shaping the intelligent edge. In this session we will be discussing what is "the edge" and how this new paradigm can solve the problems of traditional cloud computing in multiple industries. Join us to discuss over real life use cases and demos using Microsoft's Azure IoT Edge.

Who? - Kostas Tselios

Kostas Tselios

Kostas joined Microsoft in 2016 in the newly created role of Cloud Solution Architect. He is part of the Customer Success Unit and he is responsible for driving the adoption of Azure Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for Microsoft's enterprise customers. In simple words Kostas shows customers how awesome Azure IoT is and helps them make the right choices. Before joining Microsoft, Kostas worked at IBM as IT Architect and Product Owner in the areas of Machine-to-Machine and IoT. He has also contributed in the development of IBM’s Watson IoT Platform. Kostas claims to be an "IoT hipster", doing IoT before it was cool; truth is he was doing IoT while having no idea what IoT meant.


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