Getting Started with VueJS

3 October 2018

Wednesday 3rd of October, 2018

What? - Getting Started with VueJS

Vue is a framework for enhancing a page or building a full-size SPA. In this talk, Shawn will show you how to get started with Vue and explain how it is a compelling alternative to Angular and React.

Who? - Shawn Wildermuth

Shawn Wildermuth

Shawn Wildermuth has been tinkering with computers and software since he got a Vic-20 back in the early ‘80s. As a Microsoft MVP since 2003, he’s also involved with Microsoft as an ASP.NET Insider and ClientDev Insider. He’s the author of over twenty Pluralsight courses, written eight books, an international conference speaker, and one of the Wilder Minds. You can reach him at his blog at  He’s also making his first, feature-length, documentary about software developers today called “Hello World: The Film”. You can see more about it at  


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