Writing high performance C# 7.x code

18 September 2018

Tuesday 18th of September 2018

What? - Writing high performance C# 7.x code

Small code is fast code and fast code is good code. Writing C# code seams easy, but with the garbage collector as a black box, great performance can be hard to achieve – unless you know what you’re doing. Get the expert tips and tricks that allow you to improve the performance of your applications. 

This session is a few slides and a lot of live coding using the newest C# 7.0 and 7.2 features.

Who? - Fons Sonnemans

Fons Sonnemans is a well-known speaker at conferences and seminars. He is known for his up-to-date and expert knowledge of the latest Microsoft technologies. He has been using Microsoft .NET technology intensively since 2001, because it allows him to apply his knowledge and experience to business critical situations. As a trainer, speaker, coach and developer at Reflection IT, he likes to share this knowledge and experience on a daily basis. Fons Sonnemans also has a passion for developing Windows apps. He has created numerous apps, some of which are very successful. You can reach him via his website http://reflectionit.nl/Team/fons-sonnemans


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