Becoming Better at JavaScript

21 November 2017

Tuesday 21st of November 2017

What? - Becoming Better at JavaScript

Whether we like it or not, JavaScript is becoming part of our development stack more and more. Applications are moving towards being single page web applications and frameworks making it possible double by the day.

How are you supposed to get into JavaScript en become better at it? It's a cloudy landscape, so a helping hand which points you in the right direction is helpful.

This talk's goal is to point out the key concepts in JavaScript you should get familiar with, and which common mistakes you should really avoid doing. Even if you're into JavaScript already this talk will help you rethink what you're doing at the moment.

Who? - Gaya Kessler

Freelance Web Developer who focusses on JavaScript and other front-end technologies. Loves what he does and refuses to stop learning. Also loves loud music, running, Jiu Jitsu, single malt whisky, and cats.


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