The Agile Developer on Large Scale

13 April 2017

Thursday 13th of April


Why is there no programmer role in Scrum? Why do Agile teams welcome change even late in development? And how can you possibly work with tens of teams on the mainline without any branching?

In this talk we will discuss how Agile programmers craft work in Large Scale Development groups; how to craft code that is soft enough so that it can change at low costs; how to communicate in code and the true spirit of CI, how to do just enough up-front-design to let right architecture emerge and how to support your team to win.


Cesario Ramos Interview 

Cesario Ramos is an independent product development consultant and founder of AgiliX, a small network organization that guides agile improvements throughout Europe. He has a MSc in computing science from the University of Eindhoven, and started working with agile teams back in 2001. Nowadays he works as a management consultant on large and small scale Scrum adoption and as a Certified Coach, certified LeSS trainer, Professional Scrum trainer from and Qualified Innovation Games® Instructor.

In the past he was an agile consultant at Xebia, CTO at codecentric NL, a product manager at Atos, a hard-core developer and the lead software architect at PANalytical. Over the years Cesario wrote numerous papers on agile development and is the author of the book ‘EMERGENT – Lean & Agile adoption for an innovative workplace’ and co-author of the book 'A Scrum Book' with Jeff Sutherland, James Coplien et al. He is happy to be an active member of the ScrumPloP® community and is a frequent speaker at conferences around the world. 

Cesario strongly believes that fun at the workplace is essential for success.


The host of the night is Yacht.


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