AKKA.NET & Docker Deployments

16 March 2017

Thursday 16th of March 


Distributed Programming with AKKA .NET by Arjen Smits (Copaco)
Several years ago I went searching for a better programming model to build concurrent systems in .NET. I also realized that distributed computing is becoming an increasingly important area in our industry and by extension for .NET as well. I ran into the Akka.NET project and started contributing. I absolutely loved the freedom that the framework gives. And today I am going to share that enthusiasm.
In this talk I will introduce .NET developers to the Actor model via the Akka.NET framework. And show them how they can leverage the application model of Akka.NET to build distributed, fault-tolerant applications that can scale from a single process to a cluster with many nodes.

Please be aware that this is not an introductory level talk! 

Containerized Deployments by Joost Heijkoop (Xebia)
Docker production deployments at DHL Parcel
Zipping your applications into a Docker container does not quite cut it when you need to deliver high quality applications to production on a regular basis inside DHL. During the last two years the team at DHL Parcel created a portable platform and a software delivery deployment pipeline that delivers applications all the way to production. This includes everything necessary to develop, build, package, test and deploy to production. This talk will show you how we use Docker at DHL Parcel and how Docker is combined with other tools to make the DevOps as smooth as possible.

Ps: This evening, you can win/earn an XBOX One S (with a game)


The host of the night is QNH.

The address: High Tech Campus 1, 5656 Eindhoven

Parking is free.


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